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Social CPA Academy Goes Up To $47 And My Bonus Package Disappears In


Bonus One - 5 High Converting Landing Pages

Social CPA Academy is all about running targeted traffic to high converting landing pages to do two things:

  1. Get the prospect's email address
  2. Convert the offer

While Social CPA Academy shows you how to do this, it still could take a good deal of time and money to get all of the page building material and testing out of the way.

You know money loves speed so we are going to completely cut this hurdle out of the equation by giving you five high converting landing pages that will capture emails and convert the offer.

These are all HTML landing page templates so anyone can use them and they will load lightning fast.

Normally templates like this sell for at least $27 each. You can look at Theme Forest and get quotes from agencies who create direct response landing page templates and you will see that they are not cheap.

However, you can have all 5 of these tested & proven templates for free when you purchase Social CPA Academy through our link on this page.

It's the perfect way to quick-start your journey and erase what normally would be the biggest stumbling block in the process.

Bonus Two - Exclusive Spark Apex Invitation

Spark Apex is a mastermind run by all 3 of us (Stefan Ciancio, Eric James, and Timothy Miranda). It is going to take the internet marketing world by storm starting now. Our goal is to provide the community with massive value while helping all marketers succeed.

We will be providing golden content, resources, and form a hyper active community of marketers working towards the same goals.

Bonus Three - The Daily Deal Funnel

Social CPA Academy provides you with a golden opportunity that I don't think they even realized when they created this training program.

They put together an environment & situation where you can run a very profitable funnel known as the "Daily Deal" Funnel.

Normally, it costs a lot of money to build this sort of system. You'd need to be willing to take a loss on your ad spend or spend a great deal of money to build up an isolated community.

However, with what Social CPA Academy shows you, this roadblock is negated. This gives you a clear path towards setting up a "Daily Deal" funnel.

We will give you everything you need:

  • The funnel map
  • The emails
  • Promotional Sequences
  • Templates
  • And more

This is probably the easiest type of funnel in the world to run once it's been properly set up. Not many people do it because of the normal cost that is associated with setting it up.

However, this is your golden opportunity to use Social CPA Academy as a leverage point towards creating an even more profitable funnel.

The last time I taught this was in a $297 Social Media Mastermind. You're going to get it all absolutely free when you pick up Social CPA Academy through our link today.

OTO Bonus - Spark Social Core

This is not for everyone.

There are those who are happy to see results and keep on going with what they achieve.

However, there are those that want to maximize their potential and become masters of their craft and business.

That's where Spark Social Core comes into play.

This is the core training section of my now closed (until Version 2) flagship Facebook training Spark Social which sold for $997. It has been called the bible of Facebook marketing. Especially when it comes to market definition, targeting and ad creation.

If you want to really become a Facebook expert and erase any ceiling on your earnings this is your answer.

This is available to anyone who buys any of the OTOs (downsells do not qualify) through our links.

How To Access Your Bonuses

Your bonuses will be instantly available to you after purchase inside your JvZoo customer portal.

Simply click the button shown in the image to the left to gain instant access. If you are having difficulties accessing the bonuses please click here to contact support and we will get you set up immediately.

Social CPA Academy Core Details

Social CPA Academy Rundown

Social CPA Academy is a step-by-step video course about promoting CPA offers through FB ads. The course creator is Jason Richardson while Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko are the launch managers.

While FB + CPA is nothing new, Jason has a unique strategy that allows him to enter niches and launch campaigns with maximum efficiency. The profitability of and scalability of his campaigns can be determined before he even launches. This is what allows him to start with just $5 and scale up to 6 figures from scratch.


Reverse Engineering AKA The Magic

Reverse engineering is pretty much a fancy word for spying and modeling after (ethically and legally, of course). Jason shows you how he spies on the most successful funnels, breaks them down, makes them better, and launches his own profitable CPA campaigns in short, quick, and simple steps.

This is one of the main things that makes this course great. Using all free resources and simple instructions, Jason’s reverse engineering strategy can be implemented by anybody, and it is highly effective. Yes, you still have to test targeting and offers as you would do with any paid traffic strategy. However, when you do this, you are exponentially increasing your success rate because you are not entering any campaign blindly.

You launch the campaign knowing exactly what it takes to be successful and how to model your entire campaign. Everything from the ad to the landing page and follow up are set up in a proven and systematic matter. The way Jason teaches it makes everything super simple and easy to follow. You are already a step ahead of the game when you start, and then any adjustments and optimization you do after that increases your profitability.

Without this, you would have to come up with your own ad, landing page, and follow up concepts, which would cost you drastically more time and money. Awesome job by Jason for teaching this.

Social CPA Academy OTO Breakdown

Social CPA Academy OTO1 ($67) is a collection of 5 x Done For You Campaigns. They are including everything: best niches, best offers, interests to target, landing pages, ad copy, ad images, the lot. This will definitely save you a ton of time and make life a lot easier. As with any DFY situation I highly suggest that you use them as jumping off points instead of making carbon copies. You will make more money in the long run this way.

Social CPA Academy OTO2 ($47) is a case study which will show you a real campaign, which made over $50k. You will see exactly what offers Jason promoted, how much he made, how he got the traffic, how he converted it, his landing page... Everything.

Social CPA Academy OTO3 ($97) is a Facebook Spy software which will allow you to spy on the competitor campaigns, find out exactly what they do, which landing pages they use, and how they monetize their traffic. You can just copy their campaigns!

I suggest the case study out of all the OTOs. I find the most value in seeing a campaign that was run and the thought process behind it. That's how I learn best. However, all people process information differently and you may find the DFY campaigns to be of more value to you. It's all a matter of how you learn best and what will allow you to make the most out of this training. You won't go wrong with either of them because they are of extremely high value.

At the time of writing I have not gotten my hands on the spy software so I cannot comment too much on it. You will do great using Jason's reverse engineering strategy as taught in the front end course. The software helps you do it faster and see more campaigns than usual so it may be a big help once you start launching a lot of campaigns as it can save you a bunch of time.


What You Need To Do Now


You Get Instant Access To Our Epic Bonus When You Purchase Social CPA Academy Through Our Link...


Social CPA Academy Goes Up To $47 And My Bonus Package Disappears In